About Us

iPEL, Inc. is an international technology development and licensing firm based in Pasadena, California. iPEL was formed in 2017, as a response to the rapid globalization of the IP community, by Brian Yates, one of the leading patent monetization specialists in the United States. iPEL’s mission is to acquire and monetize cutting edge technologies developed through global research and development. Since then, iPEL has developed one of the largest and most advanced technology portfolios in the world. iPEL’s vast array of proprietary technologies cover a wide range of industries, such as consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, networking, gaming, and Internet of Things (IOT). iPEL’s portfolio is currently licensed by several of the leading international technology companies.

iPEL’s most notable move into the global stage is its investment of a significant portion of its initial $200 million USD of capital into the People’s Republic of China. iPEL adopted a very simple, yet highly effective, investment strategy of tapping into China’s most valuable resources – its immense talent pool of scientists, researchers, engineers, and inventors. Recognizing that China’s patent system has become the most advanced and efficient system in the world, iPEL acquired more than 1,000 distinct Chinese patent families from several of China’s leading technology companies. This move has positioned iPEL at the forefront of global technological development by giving iPEL the strategic high ground in the world’s largest economy. 

As a responsible member of the global community, iPEL has always understood that a company can only be as strong as the bedrock community that formed its foundation. As part of its strategic cooperation with Chinese provincial governments to encourage regional and national development, iPEL will be granting more than 500 startup technology companies in China free licenses to iPEL’s global patent portfolio, providing these companies with a springboard into the future.