It is iPEL’s mission to promote global innovation and diversity in technological advancement. Our licensing programs are designed to accomplish this mission, and it is our firm belief that innovators and startups around the world deserve a chance to profit from the market. iPEL provides all companies large and small an opportunity to secure a license to iPEL’s entire worldwide patent portfolio, which currently includes more than 1,000 distinct patent families, under extremely favorable terms.

iPEL’s licensing program includes two categories:

  1. Free Licenses for Small Businesses and Startups; and
  2. Paid Licenses for Larger Businesses

Both the Free and Paid licenses are unprecedented, and the result of iPEL’s desire to make patent licensing an efficient and friendly process. The Free Licenses provide small businesses with a truly free, no strings-attached portfolio for quick growth. The Paid Licenses gives larger businesses instant access to one of the most valuable patent portfolios in the world.  

Free Licensing for Small Businesses and Startups

iPEL supports and furthers the innovation economy. We believe that startups and small businesses, who most regularly create paradigm-shifting innovation, should start with an open portfolio of patented technologies, upon which they can build efficiently. 

Acquiring the patent licenses necessary to implement new technologies can be cost- prohibitive for startups and small businesses. This reality of the innovation ecosystem often requires these companies to design-around each component from the ground up, which makes them inefficient operators and, ultimately, likely to fail. To help those companies, iPEL has significantly expanded the scope of its Free Licensing program for small businesses and startups. iPEL’s motivations are simple: iPEL believes in equal opportunities in the marketplace. With iPEL’s patent portfolio, more small companies and startups can enter the marketplace and prosper by using our patented technologies. 

To secure a Free License, please contact us at

Haggle-Free Licensing for Larger Businesses

For larger businesses, iPEL is happy to negotiate Haggle-Free, No-Fault Licenses.     

The Haggle-Free license offers predefined and transparent terms for the entirety of iPEL’s portfolio. Rather than negotiating for each individual patent in iPEL’s portfolio, the licensees will receive a license to a large number of our patents.  

The “No-Fault” aspect of the offering means that every company has the right to purchase the same set of license rights, regardless of the extent to which iPEL’s patented technologies have been used in the past and are used during the term of the license.

We are willing to reward any company that demonstrates its respect for patents and patent owners by seeking a pre-litigation license under our Haggle-Free, No-Fault program. Instead of casting blame and trying to determine the scope of infringement by each company, iPEL is setting a predefined price and letting companies decide whether buying a license makes sense. 

*Haggle-Free Licensing is only available for companies that do not require iPEL to expend extensive resources in pursuing enforcement in court or other administrative tribunals. The haggle-free licensing rates are rates that iPEL estimates to be reasonable and significantly below market value. Those rates are not reflective of the actual damages suffered by iPEL or the profits gained by unlicensed companies.